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Pete Esquinaldo
Pete is representative of the “New World Shaman”…a healer who integrates science, technology and spi...
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Event Date: 11/16/2014





"The Rites of Passage are the most Divine and Heart-Awakening Transmissions I have ever experienced online. I listen to them regularly and as they are incorporated into my whole being, I embody the radiance of love and light throughout my day. I feel the Presence of Spirit working within me constantly."


Heidi, Rites of Passage Initiate






12 Soul Initiations  ~  12 Audio Activators  ~  12 Video Introductions  ~  12 PDF Modules

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When we are one and in constant alignment with our source of life,  

then we can accomplish and manifest to our greatest ability.










Beloved Family,

For those of you who may have missed our recent mailing, the Foundation is relaunching an upgraded version of the Rites of Passage as a 'prerequisite' for what is coming in 2015.

Behind the scenes here, I am currently working on the development of a new Group Avatar program which is all about the actualized embodiment of our multi-strand DNA super human blueprint. Right in the middle of the downloads, and to my utter surprise, I was guided to first re-release this powerful series of 12 back to back soul initiations... the whisperings conveyed that the Rites re-do would serve as PREPARATION!

This new Avatar program is starting at a very high level, and so, for those of you just joining us or feeling that a review would do you some good... it seems that now is the time to straighten those spines, start breathing a little deeper and get ready for some new, high powered voltage to integrate. Doing the Rites would be an excellent primer!

My production partner, Juan de la Luna, and I have passionately prepared this new and upgraded Rite presentation which comes with a whole new set of divine code and vibrational attunement.

Please remember that the high frequency "bubble reality" that is created by so many of us doing this together makes this endeavor extremely powerful. Group synergy is the key, which gives us access to a unified field that is palpably magnetic and highly influential to our individual processes.

In these next several weeks, mailings will be sent as a way to further radiate the initiatory energy to you, our network and through the Grid pathways. 

Once you sign up, you will receive the Rites on Sundays, one per week starting with Rite #1. Each initiation, all the way to #12, builds upon the other and is why it is very important to do these in sequence. 


The first Rite initiation is designed to set the stage as we establish clarity of vision in the full accomplishment of our inherent divine design.  This is all about... living our lives in total freedom as Divine Presence. This is the state of realizing the truth of one existence and consciously embodying this one consciousness and its purpose as our greatest human potential. 


As the foundation to the entire Rites of Passage experience, this initiation centers upon the establishment of our most significant relationship, that which we share with the Divine Presence in tandem with the greater knowing that we are this powerful Presence of life.  

Blessed indeed is the one who falls in love with the Divine, because what is loved is realized. 


Loving the Divine Presence

Our initiation is to maintain unwavering focus solely upon our eternal Divine Presence as the center point through which every thought and act is conceived.

Through this devotion, we love the Self and we love all others. ALL is the purity of Divine Presence in the space of now. From this realization, any held fears, doubts and limitations begin to erase from our life.

When we are one and in constant alignment with our source of life, then we can accomplish and manifest to our greatest ability.

Through this Rite of Passage, we allow the truth of Divine Immanence to deeply penetrate our understanding. We are awakened to our duty and privilege to be devoted to the divine templed within our own Self, and in all other beings.

To truly know the divinity inherent within us is the greatest blessing that we can give to ourselves and all other people in our lives.

Everything is Divine Presence

Many of us have built a limiting perception that the consciousness that we refer to as "God" is somewhere to be found outside of our body and must be won by fervent prayer, spiritual practices or religious formalities.

Through this initiation of Divine Relationship, we are beginning to intimately know ourselves as one with our holy spiritual Presence.

*  We are seeing the infinite intelligence in all of nature and ever unchanged by the illusion of separation.

*  We are dropping any illusion that we have to become something first in order to know ourselves as a brilliant being of magnificence.

In actuality, we have and always will be Divine Presence, and it is simply a matter of acceptance. It is simply a matter of changing our perception by accepting the truth of who we really are.

In this Rite, we humbly step forth and go directly to our Creator to declare with absolute conviction and without any fear whatsoever that we are this Presence, that we are merged wholly and completely with our infinite Source.

In full humility, we are acknowledging that we are this love and this wisdom that is experiencing through our very own human form. 


The Law of Relationship


The Universal Law of Relationship conveys that all of creation is an integral part of the "All That Is", the infinitely expansive life-pervading Presence.

All life is relationship. We come into being through interconnected relationships. Every relationship in our life is a mirror reflecting divinity.

To love thy neighbor as thyself is to truly be the Divine Presence seeing through human eyes. We recognize that the Great Spirit lives within all life as it lives within us. As this Divine Principle flows through us, we can look upon all of our outer reflections without the slightest hint of judgment or separation.

It is one of our highest privileges to love and to serve all manifestations of life. To be able to do this with the same effortless grace, through which the sun shines, is to exemplify the true meaning of Divine Relationship.

If you haven't already signed up, please consider joining our Group Avatar in holy sacred relationship. We are diving deep into the love of Self.

Tiara Kumara

Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation  




      We are dropping the illusion that we have to become something first
in order to know ourselves as a brilliant being of magnificence.






Building Nova Earth: Toward A World That Works for Everyone 





The purpose of the non pr0fit, Golden Age of Gaia is to help inform, motivate and create a planet where all her inhabitants thrive; where we as humans evolve as higher dimensional spiritual beings; where truth and abundance are intrinsic;  and where we are, once again, reconnected with our galactic brothers and sisters.  


This wonderful blog site offers a wealth of information, resources and opportunities to serve in the co-creation of our new Earth. Enjoy an in depth library, join discussion groups, listen to radio shows, become a light steward and much more.   


The Hope Chest is a grass-roots funded program based on donations from the readers of the Golden Age of Gaia. It provides gifted funds in small amounts to those in service who are in immediate need of emergency financial assistance for issues such as utilities, rent, food, etc.  This fund is meant to fill the gap between now and the arrival of the global abundance programs. 


Visit the Golden Age of Gaia and support our collective mission!



   To truly know the divinity inherent within us is the greatest
blessing that we can give to ourselves and all other people in our lives.