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Event Date: 11/23/2014
Title: Creator Codes by Jason Estes
Description: Sunday, November 23, 2014

Creator Codes are energy empowerments designed by Jason Estes to expand your creator matrix, as well as help prepare your body for the new energies coming in and that will continue to come in in the following years.
Creator codes are received in your own space, sitting or lying down.
These beautiful energy empowerments are a self discovery and expansion course, received energetically and with practically no written content, except for the descriptions of each code :-) More than anything the content is your own experience.
What you receive will always be in perfect alignment for you, as you receive them through your own Source connection, and as such they are in accordance with your highest good and highest joy.
There are 3 levels, each going deeper: Acolyte, Sage and Creator. Each level has these 7 codes:

1) Earth Codes are designed to root your conciousness into your body as well as onto this planet. They do so by grounding the energy into your body. These codes assist you in coming to a deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose on this planet.

2) Water Codes are designed to add a fluid like motion to your processing ability. They greatly increase the effectiveness of all energies as well as assist in clearing the emotional body of residue from your past, present, and future lifetimes.

3) Wind Codes are designed to assist you in coming back to a more playful self as well as to heighten your senses and reclaim your power to be a creator.

4) Fire Codes are designed to ignite your passion once more and awaken your inner light. They also assist in clearing blocks throughout your mental bodies in all past, present, and future lifetimes.

5) Aether Codes are designed to awaken your authentic self as well as aid in your expression and truth through your cosmic understanding.

6) Celestial Codes are designed to awaken your dimensional sight and to assist you in developing your intution and expand your awareness of source as well as connect you to your oversoul.

7) Universal Codes are designed to assist you with connecting to your grand portal as well as your universal self. This code also improves your access level of cosmic and universal wisdom and love.

Location: Worldwide

Time: depends on code being received

Cost: Love donations

Im at your disposal to answer any question you may have or tell you more about the codes :-)

With Indfinite Love and Gratitute,

Mario Tomas Lawrence


Love donation: after receiving your creator code, you go into your heart and feel what for you is a perfect amount to donate, and donate this from your heart through paypal. These codes are offered in return for love donations so everyone can afford them and benefit from them. Also so we can choose the value that we wish to give that which we have received. I share these codes with great joy