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Pete Esquinaldo
Pete is representative of the “New World Shaman”…a healer who integrates science, technology and spi...
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The term "mediumship" denotes the ability of a person (the medium) to experience what they or others believe is contact with spirits of the dead, spirits of immaterial entities, angels, or demons. The role of the medium is to attempt to facilitate communication with spirits who have messages to share with non-mediums. Mediums claim the abilities to listen to and relate conversations with spirit voices; go into a trance and speak without knowledge of what is being said; allow a spirit to control their body and speak through it; relay messages from the spirits to those who wish to contact them with the help of a physical tool, such as a writing instrument. Mediumship is also part of the belief system of some New Age groups. In this context, and under the name channelling, it refers to a medium who claims to receive messages from a "teaching-spirit".

Angel Rays
Christina Ray is an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Medium, Certified Hypnotist and Licensed Reverend. She has a thriving, spiritual practice in Central Florida called Angel Rays. Christina Ray is certified by Doreen Virtue and is available for in person and phone Angel Communication sessions. She specializes in Past Life Regression work and Spiritual Hypnosis for Weight Loss. Christina also offers House Blessings, and is a Wedding and Commitment Ceremony Officiate.

Dorian Light

I am Dorian and I am a Language of Light and Energy Healer, Psychic Channel, and Spiritual Counselor. My friends call me “The Psychic Shifter” as I have an ability to see core issues, blocks and patterns of information in your energy field and shift, dissolve and resolve them thus facilitating quick life changes and deep inner healing. Also, I can help bring new patterns of information into your field that align more completely to who you are and what you may wish to accomplish.
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Healing Visions
Medium, Mind Reader, Reiki Master, Channel, & Spiritual Counselor

Indigo Mystic
Indigo Mystic
Psychic Medium Healer
Crystal Ball Readings Angel Cards Reiki Angelic Healing Natural Healing
Spiritual Counselling & Guidance
Based in Edinburgh
Telephone Readings Available
Travels Far & Wide
Carol Noonan