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Pete Esquinaldo
Pete is representative of the “New World Shaman”…a healer who integrates science, technology and spi...
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Is the science, which is able to interpret the influences of the heavenly bodies on human beings and their affairs. Just as the moon has a profound influence on our oceans’ tides, so are humans affected in a similar way, since we are after all about 80% water. Using the birth or natal chart, which maps the positions of the planets at the time of birth, each individual's information is derived. The interpretation of the chart includes the understanding of the relationships between planets and the signs of the zodiac, including the area of the chart in which they will fall, symbolic factors and the location of birth, which assist in the examination of the different levels of the emotional and spiritual psychology, and physiology of the individual.

Maxine Taylor, Georgia’s First Licensed Astrologer
Maxine Taylor, Georgia’s First Licensed Astrologer, Spiritual Consultant and Reconnective Healer is a true pioneer in the field of astrology. She began her astrological studies in 1966. In 1968, she became Georgia’s first licensed astrologer. In 1969, she had a bill introduced into the Georgia General Assembly to legalize astrology in Atlanta. In 1970, the bill passed and was signed into law by the governor. Maxine continued to make history by spearheading the establishment of the Atlanta Board of Astrology Examiners. In 1977, she opened the first astrology office in Atlanta. In 1979, she learned how to identify and release childhood programming, and began sharing this technique with clients in private sessions and workshops. In 2003, she w

I have lived in Placerville,Ca for most of my life and lived in Reno,Nv for 30 years. I am 76 years old. I work in teaching and accounting for most of my life

NorthPoint Astrology
Astrology is a symbolic system that offers both spiritual and practical guidance in support of the chosen life path. As a science, astrology uses precise calculations of planetary positions and relationships in the drawing of charts. As an art, it involves intuition and perception in the interpretation of those charts as they relate to personal experience.

Pam's interpretation of astrology is guided by her belief that there is order and positive intention in the universe, that our lives have meaning beyond the physical, and that tools such as astrology are given to us as gifts to facilitate our growth, awareness and healing.

Roman Yaworsky's Transformational Astrology
Roman Yaworsky adds his own unique energetic perspective to astrology, setting the tone for his client’s understanding, healing and transformation. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of astrology and other healing systems, he shares great depth and insight, both in his professional practice, his seminars and in the international services he provides.

Vedic Cultural Fellowship
Vedic culture is inherently spiritual in outlook, making kindness, charity, compassion and honesty the main values for harmony in life. Through the Vedic Cultural Fellowship you can study and practice the sciences of natural Ayurvedic Medicine, Hatha Yoga (including the 8 steps of ashtanga), and Gem Therapy to achieve spiritual well-being. You can also learn to meditate, obtain your horoscope based on Vedic astrology signs or practice other arts that have their origin in the Vedas.