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Pete Esquinaldo
Pete is representative of the “New World Shaman”…a healer who integrates science, technology and spi...
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Sky's Healing
3455 SW Canoe Place
Palm City, FL 34990
United States
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Phone: 772.221.7090

For over a decade, Sky has blended her diverse expertise and mastery of energy healing with many alternative healing modalities and natural intuitive ability in an offering of hands-on vibrational client service. As a Shaman, Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, a Practical Mastery™ Practitioner, Level 2 Practitioner/Certified Teacher of Serenity Vibration Healing™ and Oneness Blessing Giver, Sky  supports individuals and communities in the quest of raising consciousness, return to health, wholeness and the remembrance of our Divinity. She holds a compassionate presence and intention to nurture the enhancement of personal growth, empowerment and the activation of innate healing gifts.

Sky has offered expertise as a Teacher and Facilitator of personal transformation through her organizations of Angelic Awakening Retreats and Living from the Heart Retreats.

These  healing renewal retreats were dedicated to supporting individuals in their soul journey. By calling upon all her life experience, conscious channel, intuition and expertise in energy healing, Sky continues to assist individuals through private practice, Integrated Energy Therapy classes, Oneness Blessing events and shamanic fire ceremonies. Recently, Sky has brought the Oneness Blessing events and Integrated Energy Therapy classes to the Unity Church communities in South Florida.

Healing Humanity One Heart at a Time, is the vision that carries her to many communities, with a consciousness of compassion and authenticity in her offering of these healing gifts to all of humanity.

Specialized Training and Experience

During her journeys to Equador, Sky received numerous Initiations and participated in several ceremonies that are unique only to the indigenous Shuar Tribe of the Ecuadorian rainforest. The Indigenous Yachak known as The Bird People recognized Sky as a shaman.

As well; she has trained with many Indigenous Shamans from Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. She shares the vision of the Indigenous peoples, to 'build a bridge’ between Indigenous cultures and North America with the goal of re-connecting with our true nature of pure heart-centered consciousness. The return of our true heart re-aligns us with the principals of recognizing the unity and connection with the Universe, Earth and all of humanity. Sky offers these ancient healing tools in a weaving of her Shamanic practice and many healing modalities that support others on a path to health and the return to our true nature.

Sky has integrated the teachings of Pathwork since 2001, a unique study of spiritual principals and foundations to assist individuals in connecting with their core, essential expression of the Divine. She incorporates these teaching into her life, private sessions and workshop facilitation.

Recent Spiritual journeys have taken Sky to Golden City, India in January 2008 and has been initiated as a Oneness Blessing Giver at the Oneness University through the 21 Day Process. Sky offers the Oneness Blessing in retreats, healing circles, teleconference calls and private practice.

February 2009 Sky will train in all three levels of Matrix Energetics and will begin offering this cutting edge work in her private practice in person and long distance.

Teaching, Workshop and Community Circle Facilitation

Sky has awarded over 150 Certificates for Integrated Energy Therapy to students across America. She was chosen as one of the Top 25 Teachers for Integrated Energy Therapy in 2005, Top 27 Teachers for 2007 and Top 28 in 2008. Additionally, she brings  forth a spirit of healing, empowerment and inspiration to many, offering her gifts of energetic and vibrational attunement in Community Healing Circles and Oneness Blessing Events.

Qualifications & Skills

  • 1997 First Degree Usui Ryoho Reiki, New York
  • 1997 Second Degree Usui Ryoho Reiki, New York
  • 1998 Coordinate Remote Viewing Stages One through Six, Omega Institute, New York
  • 1998 Advanced Reiki, Hilo, Hawaii
  • 1988 Master Reiki Hilo, Ne Chung Dorje Monastery, Hawaii
  • 1999 Karuna Reiki Master Ne Chung Dorje Monastery, Hawaii
  • 1999 Basic Intermediate Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy, New York
  • 1999 Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, New York
  • 2000 Ordained into the Order Melchizedek, New York
  • 2000 Shamanic Training, Equador
  • 2002 Shamanic Training, Equador
  • 2004 Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique, Level One, Florida
  • 2004 Perfecting the Tool, Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique, Florida
  • 2004 Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique Level 2, Sydney, Australia
  • 2004 Teacher Certification of Serenity Vibration Enlightenment Technique, Sydney, Australia
  • 2004 Co-Founder of Angelic Awakening Retreats, Florida
  • 2005 Co- Founder of Living From the Hearts Retreat, Florida
  • 2007 Co-Founder of The Thangka Tea Room, Florida with Gateway to Tibet, New York
  • 2008 Initiated as a Oneness Blessing Giver, Oneness University, Golden City, India
  • 2008 Oneness Blessings offered in Unity Churches
  • 2008 Integrated Energy Therapy Classes offered in Unity Churches
  • 2009 Matrix Energetics Levels 1,2 and 3, Miami, Florida

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