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Pete Esquinaldo
Pete is representative of the “New World Shaman”…a healer who integrates science, technology and spi...
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  • After Shock - Puja A.J. Thomson
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  • Circle of Light
  • Welcome to CIRCLE OF LIGHT Spiritual Center. We wish to share with you the gifts we have received here of MESSAGES FROM GOD to humanity. These Messages assure us that each of us is known and deeply loved by our beloved Creator and that a heart-centered life of Heaven on Earth is our heritage.
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  • Gentle Art of Blessing Movie...Kate Nowak
  • Has anyone told you today that you are loved?
  • Make a Difference Movie - Mary Robinson Reynolds
  • May You Be Blessed...Kate Nowak
  • Melody Beattie - Choices
  • Quartus Foundation
  • Team Hoyt - Racing Towards Inclusion
  • The Interview With GOD
  • The Miracle of the Lighthouse Cove
  • the random acts of kindness foundation
  • Todays Heartfelt Blessing...Kate Nowak