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Pete Esquinaldo
Pete is representative of the “New World Shaman”…a healer who integrates science, technology and spi...
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Our Articles come from many sources and cover many topics and are meant to inform and sometimes provoke you the reader into taking some action that might prove useful or beneficial.  Example topics might include:
  • Better and alternative ways of health maintenance and disease treatment
  • Observations about lifestyles, nutrition, physical fitness, spirituality and disease
  • Specific Diseases -- case studies, personal experience as client or practitioner, what you've learned
  • Healing Practices -- meditation, yoga, nutrition, etc., the benefits and tradeoffs
  • Healing Arts -- what a healing modality has to offer, the procedure, frequency and duration, what results to expect and how to know when it is (not) working, who would be well suited for it, what you've learned
  • The importance of the practitioner-client relationship and how to find a good practitioner
  • Health-related information and updates from the FDA, CDC and other health resource organizations
  • A separate RSS feed for Health News Info is provided by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine from the National Institutes of Health

    If there are articles or information that you would like to see added please Contact Us and let us know.

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    15 July 2014 - GFP Newsletter - 7/5/2014

    Let's all celebrate our interdependence! Separation is an illusion!
    15 July 2014 - SENIOR NewsWire July 14, 2014
    Why most seniors can't afford to pay more for Medicare: Should seniors pay more for Medicare? Republicans think so; they have repeatedly called for replacing the current program with vouchers that would shift cost. Reuters, July 8.

    Social Security loophole's huge windfall opportunity: There are various strategies that can be used to maximize Social Security retirement benefits. One of the most popular, though not in favor with the current administration , is the file-and-suspend strategy. MarketWatch, July 10.

    3 Smart Fixes for Social Security and Medicare: The aging of America threatens the financial stability of the nation's safety net programs. Here are sensible reforms that can help. TIME Magazine, July 9.

    15 July 2014 - Center for Sacred Studies July 2014 Newsletter
    Dedicated to the Next Seven Generations
    The Center for Sacred Studies is dedicated to sustaining ways of life based on collaboration and reciprocity with the Earth and all Her beings.
    15 July 2014 - Aloha Newsletter July 2014
    Exerpt from "Nordic Huna" by Jo Danieli: "Many people interested in the Huna philosophy want to believe that "Huna" is a "Hawaiian religion", but, folks, it certainly is NOT. "Huna" as a philosophical entity comprises an attitude towards life; and "Huna" is only a Hawaiian word meaning "hidden" and "not obvious" (among other meanings) that points to the fact, that the magic creative force innate to humanity is not recognized yet by many people. It works "hidden", but yet there is nothing in a human being's existence that is not related to the invisible forces embraced by the "Huna-philosophy". "Huna" describes everything that goes on in "Po" of the Cosmos (the "invisible" realms) that we humans can't perceive with our sensory system and abi...
    15 July 2014 - OMTimes Magazine A July 2014 Edition
    OMTimes is truly honored to have Deepak Chopra on the cover of OMTimes Magazine's 5th Anniversary edition.

    Deepak Chopra, M.D is one of the giants of modern day spirituality. He is the author of more than 65 books, including numerous New York Times bestsellers and speaks and writes regularly about metaphysics, the study of consciousness and Vedanta philosophy. He is a philosophical idealist, arguing for the primacy of consciousness over matter and for purpose and intelligence in nature – that mind, or “dynamically active consciousness,” is a fundamental feature of the universe. His latest project, One World, is a ground-breaking series of interviews with today's thought leaders.

    OMTimes is privledged to share an exclusive ...
    15 July 2014 - Shaman Portal Newsletter July 2014
    May all Creator's blessings descend upon you!
    Welcome to our July 2014 Newsletter
    Scroll down for all new listings and special timely offers
    277 exclusive Articles by noted shamans

    15 July 2014 - IONS Edu ~ Frontiers of Transformative Learning
    Welcome to the first issue of Frontiers of Transformative Learning, a new monthly newsletter highlighting activities and research from the IONS Education team. Our transformative education programs are reaching more people than ever, and the impact they are making around the world is growing steadily. To that end, we will be sharing stories of activities and successes as we ever more deeply engage in what is probably the most important work of our time: learning to use the power of consciousness to create a better world!
    15 July 2014 - Natural Awakenings
    Welcome to WEEKLY AWAKENINGS! It's all about healthy choices this year. Check out the latest edition of the magazine - relax and enjoy all the information it has to offer!
    15 July 2014 - Wayne's Weekly Wisdom July 15, 2014
    Below you’ll find a wonderful exercise that James and Claudia have included in The Power of No to illustrate the joy that is ours when we find ways to share and to serve.
    11 July 2014 - 2014 Fireworks at the Fountain Photos
    There was enough good times and patriotic family fun to go around for everyone at the City of Orlando's 37th Annual Fireworks at the Fountain. The festive atmosphere featured live music, fun and games for the kids, delicious food and culminated with Central Florida's most spectacular fireworks display over Lake Eola.

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