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Pete Esquinaldo
Pete is representative of the “New World Shaman”…a healer who integrates science, technology and spi...
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Our Articles come from many sources and cover many topics and are meant to inform and sometimes provoke you the reader into taking some action that might prove useful or beneficial.  Example topics might include:
  • Better and alternative ways of health maintenance and disease treatment
  • Observations about lifestyles, nutrition, physical fitness, spirituality and disease
  • Specific Diseases -- case studies, personal experience as client or practitioner, what you've learned
  • Healing Practices -- meditation, yoga, nutrition, etc., the benefits and tradeoffs
  • Healing Arts -- what a healing modality has to offer, the procedure, frequency and duration, what results to expect and how to know when it is (not) working, who would be well suited for it, what you've learned
  • The importance of the practitioner-client relationship and how to find a good practitioner
  • Health-related information and updates from the FDA, CDC and other health resource organizations
  • A separate RSS feed for Health News Info is provided by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine from the National Institutes of Health

    If there are articles or information that you would like to see added please Contact Us and let us know.

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    23 September 2014 - Wayne's Weekly Wisdom September 16, 2014
    In my most recent explorations of what the Infinite means to us, I’ve been reading a book called The Impersonal Life by Joseph S. Benner. According to Benner, every one of us has both a personal self as well as an impersonal aspect to our being. Your personal self, or your personality, is being directed at all times by your mind and your five senses. I’m dedicating my Maui weekend seminar next January to the theme: I AM LIGHT: Discovering and Living from Your Impersonal Self. Please consider it an opportunity to free yourself, now and forever, from the unhealthy and limiting domination of your personality, with its self-inflated and often self-sabotaging mind and intellect.
    23 September 2014 - Alcohol and Your Body’s Skin
    Understanding the Link Between Alcohol and Skin Damage
    Addiction News
    Drug Addiction Recovery Program Radnor
    Alcohol and Drug Therapy Chester Springs
    Alcohol and Drug Addiction Programs Bellavista
    Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facilities Glenolden
    Alcohol and Drug Detox Barrington PA

    8 September 2014 - Daytona Books & Metaphysics News & Events

    16 August 2014 - Love – Ad Infinitum! y Judith Kusel
    With some souls we have such a close bond, that even if there seems to be something not kosher, something blocking or hindering, or seemingly out of sync, the love is still there. It is just that we sometimes have to look past the illusions spun on this planet and elsewhere and get back to the very core – and then love will reveal itself.
    Once we have loved past the illusion, we cannot but take the other in our arms, hearts and souls and say: “I love you – I have always loved you, and I will love you: AD INFINITUM!”
    7 August 2014 - The Visionary ~ Epistle of the ULC Monastery
    August 2014 Newsletter
    There's no two ways about it, life will sometimes give you lemons. It could be the death of a loved one, the loss of a job or home, or some other disaster.

    In these times, it's easy to think we are being punished, or that for some reason the universe is conspiring against us. It's important to remember that not all hardship is punishment. So it's always good to freshen up on a good recipe for proverbial lemonade.

    Our featured sermon deals with enduring the hard times and savoring the good ones.
    7 August 2014 - ORLANDOATPLAY.COM
    Check Out All The FREE Events
    CFAMily Day at Cornell Fine Arts Museum Fri
    Groundwork: A Living Walls Art Show at Twelve21 Gallery Fri
    Celebrate Summer Reading with Miss Rosa! at Orange County Library, Main Sat
    Documentary: Manufactured Landscapes at Cornell Fine Arts Museum Tues
    Free Family Day on the Second Sunday at The Mennello Museum of American Art Sun
    Big Women Watercolor of Ken Austin at Mount Dora Center for the Arts Mon-Fri
    Business as Community Life at Hannibal Square Heritage Center Tues-Sat
    MicheLee Puppets and the Art of Puppetry at Albin Polasek Museum Tues-Sun
    Letters Home at Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center Sun-Fri
    34th Annual Juried Student Exhibition at Crea...
    6 August 2014 - A Divine Clarion Call
    It’s an honor to connect with you in this way today.

    Let’s open up our dialogue in a special way for this month’s forecast.

    I invite you to close your eyes for a moment and focus on your sacred breath.

    As you move into a state of relaxed breathing, gently place your awareness on the area between and slightly above your eyebrows, also known as the third eye/inner eye area.

    Feel into this space between your eyebrows for just a few seconds. Express gratitude to this area of your body. Then, gently navigate your awareness from this part of the body south until you settle into your heart space.
    6 August 2014 - Wayne's Weekly Wisdom August 5, 2014
    Consider that all human beings have within them the same essence of consciousness, and that the process of creativity and genius are attributes of human consciousness. Therefore, genius is a potential that lives within you and every other human being. Many people never get acquainted with this inner world of their personal genius. I’d like you to consider what may seem like a radical idea: Genius can show up in as many ways as there are human beings.
    2 August 2014 - Venetian Times - August Newsletter Vol I Issue V
    Now it is time for a new month and hopefully a LOT less rain! It is time to have some fun this month down at the Tiki and explore your competitive nature! Venetian Bay will be hosting our 2nd annual VB Corn Hole Tournament on Sunday, August 24th and we want to
    see you there! It will be a double elimination event and we will even have a children’s division so the whole family may
    be involved! We will also have the grill going that afternoon
    and evening as the tournament winds down, so come make
    a day of it! On the golf course end, we have a VERY
    important event coming up on Monday, August 11th with all Proceeds benefitting the Wounded Warriors Project. For
    more information visit www.worldslargestgolfouting.com or
    2 August 2014 - Matrix Energetics ~ Practical Play with Self
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