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Pete Esquinaldo
Pete is representative of the “New World Shaman”…a healer who integrates science, technology and spi...
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Our Articles come from many sources and cover many topics and are meant to inform and sometimes provoke you the reader into taking some action that might prove useful or beneficial.  Example topics might include:
  • Better and alternative ways of health maintenance and disease treatment
  • Observations about lifestyles, nutrition, physical fitness, spirituality and disease
  • Specific Diseases -- case studies, personal experience as client or practitioner, what you've learned
  • Healing Practices -- meditation, yoga, nutrition, etc., the benefits and tradeoffs
  • Healing Arts -- what a healing modality has to offer, the procedure, frequency and duration, what results to expect and how to know when it is (not) working, who would be well suited for it, what you've learned
  • The importance of the practitioner-client relationship and how to find a good practitioner
  • Health-related information and updates from the FDA, CDC and other health resource organizations
  • A separate RSS feed for Health News Info is provided by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine from the National Institutes of Health

    If there are articles or information that you would like to see added please Contact Us and let us know.

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    13 July 2015 - Celestial Events Newsletter July 2015
    Move Into The Magic With Maxine Taylor, Georgia's First Licensed Astrologer
    JULY 2015
    The Sun (creative energy, the center of our lives) begins the month in sensitive, emotionally tenacious Cancer, where it stays until the 22nd, when it enters great, grand glorious Leo. Mercury (communication) races from curious, youthful Gemini to Cancer (on the 8th) and then to Leo (on the 23rd). Mars (action, passion, energy) is in Cancer all month. Venus (love, beauty) starts the month in Leo, then, on the 18th, it enters analytical, detailed Virgo.
    Venus goes retrograde on the 25th!
    You know how confused and unsettled life gets when Mercury is retrograde? Well, when Venus, planet of love and beauty, goes retrograde, life feels the s...
    16 April 2015 - Remembering Love and Light Language
    Blessings to all lovely souls from the bottom of my heart and thank you for connecting always.
    This recording brings you light codes with blessings from the beloved Lemurian Guides, plus a short guided meditation to assist us in connecting with the elements.
    I apologize for the background noise. Thank you once again for taking time to tune in. Blessings
    10 March 2015 - THE QUANTUM AWAKENING
    ISSUE #193 MARCH 2015


    ***From Your Hostess of Light
    *** Pondering To Be or Not To Be Creates A Quagmire of Vacuums
    *** Watermark On Your Soul
    ***Chevron Amethyst Healing Crystals
    ***The Crystalline Light Expo Knoxville TN
    *** 4-4 Gathering of Light Berea Kentucky
    28 February 2015 - Take The Growth, And Truly Be Done
    A New Message From VERONICA

    "All those in physical reality seek the ideal probability as they move through life. Most wish to define it as an easy one, filled with countless positive dramatics.

    The truth of it lies in the balance of positive and negative experience. The ego of the physical self hopes to maneuver between negative dramatics without much chaos. However, sometimes self created chaos can glean more spiritual awareness and growth.
    28 February 2015 - Going Forward with Healing
    February 26, 2015

    Today we offer some questions and answers about Almine’s health, her healing process and how it all came to be. READ MORE below...
    28 February 2015 - MESSAGES FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL * LM-3-2015

    Beloved masters, there is a Light Path that will lead you out of the density into the LIGHTNESS OF THE SPIRITUAL REALMS. The key that allows you to traverse this Sacred Path is within you–it is called your SOUL SONG. You are attuned to what is called your Energetic Signature while you are functioning within the Third- / lower Fourth-Dimensional environment. You are gradually attuning to your SOUL SONG as you move through the remaining sub-levels of the Higher Fourth Dimension, and into the entry level of the Fifth-Dimensional environment.

    28 February 2015 - The Evolution of Intuition to Power
    Lord Melchizedek via Natalie Glasson

    Expressions of love continue to flow with ease and perfection from my being, Lord Melchizedek, into your entire vibrational being.

    We resonate and exist in oneness; perfection is our natural vibration as we are all experiencing complete processes of integration with the divine source of the Creator.

    28 February 2015 - Celestial Events Newsletter March 2015
    MOVE INTO THE AGIC With Maxine Taylor
    Georgia's First Licensed Astrologer

    The Sun (creative energy, the center of our lives) begins the month by wafting through I-hear-a-distant-melody Pisces. Then, on the 20th, it races headlong into Outta-my-way Aries. Mercury (communication) starts the month in I-march-to-my-own-drummer Aquarius. On the 12th it floats into Pisces, and on the 30th it leaps into Aries. Mars (action, passion, energy) remains in Aries all month. Venus (love, beauty) begins the month in Aries, and on the 17th leads the pack into I-love-the-comforts-of-life Taurus.
    25 February 2015 - LifeExtension Foundation for Longer Life
    Meta-analysis adds evidence to anti-inflammatory effect for vitamin E supplementation

    This issue of Life Extension® Update reports the outcome of a meta-analysis of twelve clinical trials, which revealed a benefit for both the alpha and gamma tocopherol forms of vitamin E in reducing inflammation.
    25 February 2015 - Weekly Prayer Treatment/Teleconference Call
    You are invited to join this powerful group of people for prayer for yourself and our community, focusing on our Prosperity.

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