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Pete Esquinaldo
Pete is representative of the “New World Shaman”…a healer who integrates science, technology and spi...
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Date Posted: 2/28/2015
Title: Take The Growth, And Truly Be Done

A New Message From VERONICA


Take The Growth, And Truly Be Done


     "All those in physical reality seek the ideal probability as they move through life.  Most wish to define it as an easy one, filled with countless positive dramatics.


     The truth of it lies in the balance of positive and negative experience.  The ego of the physical self hopes to maneuver between negative dramatics without much chaos.  However, sometimes self created chaos can glean more spiritual awareness and growth. 


     The ability to achieve that balance can be elusive.  We suggest deciding to face the negative head on.  Make the uncomfortable often painful moments worth the effort to get through it.


     Examine it all carefully to be able to know what the lesson is.  Pay attention to what has been created for your growth.  To ignore it, the possibility of creating a perpetual loop of dramatics is probable.


     Many define negative dramatics as a moment of "I never want to again". That attitude is indeed a perfect one.  So decide to also appreciate the moment, take the growth, and truly be done.


     Life is filled with positive and negative.  Both are indeed necessary for a truly growth oriented experience.  It's how you move through that determines its outcome.


     Be aware.


     Be appreciative.


     Learn the lesson and move on.


     By doing so, the efficiency of your experience may just bring balance to the positive and the negative energy ratio.


     It's only when the negative is allowed to overwhelm that it becomes intolerable.  


     You are more advanced than you give yourself credit for.




     Become the creator of balance in your life.


     It may prove to be worthwhile."