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Date Posted: 1/3/2015
Title: Celestial Events Newsletter January 2015



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Celestial Events Newsletter

Maxine's Services

For a personal reading or healing with Maxine, please go to her website, www.maxinetaylor.com, where you will find a list of all her services.


If you would like a daily forecast, please go to Maxine's blog at star-maxine.blogspot.com, or click on the BLOG tab on her website, www.maxinetaylor.com


For Maxine's a weekly podcast on your sign's forecast, please go to iTunes or www.maxinetaylor.libsyn.com


To learn what your sign is really about, please go to Maxine's YouTube channel, maxinestargazer.


To listen to Maxine's weekly radio show, Move Into the Magic, on which she interviews the cutting edge healers, visionaries, researchers, experiencers and leaders of the new Earth, go to www.co-creatorradionetwork.com.



Maxine says, "My latest book, THE EARTHBOUND TRILOGY, is available on www.amazon.com.  This 3-book page-turner might appear to be science fiction or fantasy, but it is actually science non-fiction.  The walk-in experiences I described happened either to me or to friends of mine, and the information on extraterrestrials and space-based weapons is available on the internet.  I wrote this book to help you recall memories from your own past and to awaken your purpose for being here now."


If you would like a hard copy, please contact Maxine at starmax@bellsouth.net.





Venus (love, beauty) begins its January journey in serious, practical I-understand-the-power-of-the-dollar Capricorn.  On the 3rd it enters inventive, I-march-to-my-own-drummer Aquarius.  Mercury (communication) follows Venus's lead on the 4th, and the Sun (creative energy, the center of our lives) joins Venus and Mercury on the 20th.  Mars (action, passion, energy) starts the month in humanitarian, What's-good-for-the-whole-is-good-for-the-individual Aquarius.  On the 27th it enters dreamy, inspired, I-hear-a-distant-melody Pisces.


Mercury Turns Retrograde



Mercury, goes retrograde on the 21st in 17 Aquarius.  It will stay retrograde till February 11th.  During this often confused, unsettled time, it is best to complete unfinished projects rather than begin new ones, as projects begun during a retrograde Mercury do not always work out as planned.  It is best not to sign contracts during this time as well. 


If you have no choice in the matter and must start something new (move, sign a contract, begin a new job), go ahead, knowing that you may have an opportunity to revise your plans some time in the coming year.  It may be that you are actually completing an unfinished project without realizing it!




The Full Moon is on January 4th in 14 Cancer 31.  The Full Moon is a time of fruition.  Find 14 Cancer 31 in your birth chart.  This is the area of your life where things will come to a head.


The New Moon is on January 20th in 0 Aquarius 09.  The New Moon is a time of beginnings.  As the Moon starts to grow, life moves forward.  Find 0 Aquarius 09 06 in your birth chart.  This is the area of your life where things will start happening.



January 2015



Based in Atlanta, Maxine Taylor is an astrologer, energy healer, published author, radio host, and gifted speaker. She has devoted her life to sharing her wisdom and experience with others to assist them in leading more successful, fulfilling lives.

For Maxine's media events and appearances, please click here.

For detailed information about Maxine's services and workshops, please visit her website.



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Monthly Horoscopes







You begin the month focused on your career and your leadership role.  As the month moves along, more of your attention is on friends and group activities.  You'll want more private time to balance your social activies.


The Full Moon on the 4th triggers home and family matters;  the New Moon on the 20th tells you to be a friend in all your endeavors.

Get clear on your beliefs and principles, then put them into action in your career.  Your leadership ability grows, and there could be a career move for you.  Combine business with pleasure, and attend all networking groups.


The Full Moon on the 4th opens your mind to new ideas; the New Moon on the 20th activates your career and increases your popularity.

Spend the first part of the month digging beneath the surface for the truth.  Be your own detective.  You'll be able to see the big picture quickly.  Apply your principles to your career, throw yourself into the top slot and lead.


The Full Moon on the 4th tells you to focus on increasing your income; the New Moon on the 20th tells you to take the high road.









Spend time with the people who mean the most to you.  Listen to what they are not saying as much as what they are.   Take a stand for your principles, especially where money projects involving others are concerned.


The Full Moon on the 4th tells you to do your thing your way; the New Moon on the 20th tells you to focus on others' needs and finances.

Your work and health picture both improve, and you can begin to focus on the people who mean the most to you.  If you are single, get out there and be with others.  Keep your eyes open and ask to be shown the truth.


The Full Moon on the 4th tells you to pull back and enjoy some private time; the New Moon on the 20th tells you to be with people.

The party is still going strong, but you are able to focus on work matters.  Both health and job issues improve.  Throw yourself into your relationships. If there is no special person in your life, now is the time to get out there and find them.


The Full Moon on the 4th tells you to spend time with friends; the New Moon on the 20th tells you to focus on your work and your health.










Home and family matters resolve themselves and you are able to enjoy yourself more.  Your social life can improve, but your work becomes important, so combine business and pleasure.


The Full Moon on the 4th triggers your career and popularity; the New Moon on the 20th encourages you to party!

Do your traveling early in the month because you'll want to be at home as the month progresses.  Your desire for fun kicks in by mid-month, so plan to be socially active.  If you have children, they will demand equal time.


The Full Moon on the 4th expands your vision and opens your eyes; the New Moon on the 20th triggers your domestic side.

Your income continues to improve and your desire to be active and on the move is triggered.  This is a great time to network, share ideas and travel.  Short trips are best since they allow you to spend time at home.


The Full Moon on the 4th tells you to keep your ideas to yourself; the New Moon on the 20th tells you to hit the ground running and get a move on.










Continue to do what you want, when you want, how you want, independent of others.  Your income should improve as the month moves forward, and you'll be able to share your ideas with others.  Write, teach, travel, express yourself.


The Full Moon on the 4th tells you to put your attention on others; the New Moon on the 20th tells you to focus on increasing your income.

Your preparation is almost over; your solitude is over, as well.  By mid-month you hit the ground running and do your thing your way.  Your self- confidence increases, as does your ability to increase your income.  Let out the stops!


The Full Moon on the 4th tells you to focus on both your work and health; the New Moon on the 20th tells you to believe in yourself and act accordingly.

Your humanitarian side is strong and you love being with people.  Your desire for privacy and solitude increase as the month progresses, so pull back and prepare for next month.  Till then, do things your way, guided from within.


The Full Moon on the 4th tells you to party and spend time with children; the New Moon on the 20th opens the door to inner peace and solitude.







Media Events and Appearances




Listen to Maxine's hour-long show on the Co-Creator Radio Network every Monday at 9pm ET, as she interviews fascinating guests, experts in their fields, who can help you move into the Magic and express your very best.



Be sure to catch the fabulously funny Jolene Roxbury Variety Hour, on which Maxine has appeared numerous times.









Join Maxine every month in the patio at the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore in

Sandy Springs for her free Full Moon Ceremony. This month, the ceremony

will be on Sunday, January 4th, at 5pm sharp Eastern Time.

(Please take note of the time.)

Bring with you a list of what you'd like to create for yourself. 

The ceremony will conclude with a powerful healing for everyone present,

whether in person or in spirit.





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