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Pete Esquinaldo
Pete is representative of the “New World Shaman”…a healer who integrates science, technology and spi...
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Date Posted: 11/5/2014
Title: Chopra Centered Lifestyle Newsletter

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Chopra Centered Lifestyle Newsletter


The Vedic Chef: 4 Recipes to Nourish Your Doshas

By Chef Johnny Brannigan

The foods you eat should balance your doshas. And with dosha-specific recipes like fresh coconut and almond stir fry, beet burgers with pear and mint chutney, and baked eggplant with mint and thyme dip, it’s easy for nourishing foods to be delicious, too. Try one of these vegetarian recipes for optimal health. Read more >>

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: 4 Ways to Spread Happiness

Research has shown that happiness spreads readily, and that knowing someone who is happy makes you 15.3 percent more likely to be happy yourself. Here are some tips to boost your daily dose of happiness. Read more >>

Quiz: What Type of Yoga Is Right for You?

The key to connecting with your mind, body, and spirit through yoga is to match your practice with your personality and needs. There are so many different flavors of yoga—take this quiz to find out which style is a perfect fit for you.

Solve the Time-Change Blues

As days get shorter, it becomes harder to maintain a healthy routine. Create habits that will keep you balanced through the tough seasonal transition with this advice.

The Tao of Enlightened Combat

Find out how martial arts can help you meet your basic human needs and create a path to your higher self. Read more >>

Superheroes as Archetypes

Kids love superheroes, and the obsession is healthier than you might think. Here’s how to help your kids embrace their beloved superheroes as archetypes.

Spirituality in the Workplace

The office doesn’t often foster meditation and spirituality, but it’s probably the place you need it most. Learn how to put your spiritual needs first, even in a stressful environment. Read more >>



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