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Date Posted: 11/5/2014
Title: Full Moon November 6th - Universal Law

Full Moon November 6th - Universal Law


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The full moon of November 6th settles into the middle degree of two of the most stubborn and fixated signs of the zodiac - Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus.

Think of the Sun in Scorpio as your time of fire and ice - Scorpio is a water sign, but when not flowing, it becomes frozen and must have heat (heart) to activate.

Taurus, the illumination sign of this full moon is fixed earth. Like its symbol, the bull, Taurus likes to munch in the grassy meadow; but, Taurus is not supposed to just bask in the sun.

Taurus is designed to spring into action as an unstoppable force of nature.

I'd like to invite you to harvest the fertile side of Taurus - the concept of Universal Law which is a teaching that our world operates through a precept that you can apply to your life. Ancient teachings back to Greece and even the Vedic traditions of India conform to a thread of Universal Laws, and the teaching is that when you apply these concepts that you align with an unshakable template for success.

In accordance with the idea that there is such a thing as harmony through natural justice, or Universal Law, you can take comfort in knowing that the same creative force that got you here on lovely planet earth will also sustain you and in fact, prosper your very existence.    


The 7 Hermetic Laws

Laws 1, 2, and 3 are considered Immutable; a primal triad of creation. They are: 

  1. The Law of Mentalism: you are a thought in the mind of your creator, and you also have the ability to think your world into creation; you participate and activate this law through clarity of your intentions and commitment to an idea.
  2. The Law of Correspondence: as above, so below. Also, follow the Golden Rule and 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' There is harmony, agreement, and correspondence between the mental, spiritual and emotional realms. Learn what you have to DO to get what you want.
  3. The Law of Vibration: everything is moving always, and you can choose to align with different levels of vibration. Spending time in the vibration of what you want moves you closer to it. Surrender to the emotional state of positive desire as a way to move you to your goals.

The remaining 4 Laws are Mutable; they are ways of the natural world that you can learn to apply in your favor but not be restricted or limited by them.  


Read about the remaining 4 laws - visit my blog for more...Visit my blog 


Enjoy this Taurus full moon. It's your time to step out and choose Light over stagnation, and to get in touch with your deepest truth.


Kabbalah teaches that Taurus moves from the spiritual energy of judgment to that of mercy. And, remember, the greatest lesson of Scorpio is to not destroy the self. You also get to apply the lessons of Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus which is to love yourself so much that you shine your light and spread love to others.

Wishing you all good Venus blessings,






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Maya White is my go to person for Astro*Carto*Graphy. I believe in her so much that my husband and myself slept on an air mattress just so that we could inaugurate our new home at the date that she thought was the best for us over all.

She predicted through her Astro*Carto*Graphy  that the home that we just sold would always be under construction because of the time that we got the house. Well as much as I didn't want that to be true  she was 100% accurate we never quite finished our house until we were ready to leave it. I highly recommend her !!

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